Apr 13, 2010

Lauren Conrad's 'Glamorous' Locks

Lauren Conrad graces the cover of the current issue of Glamour Magazine and lets her signature long loose wavy locks flow freely. The "Hills" star practically invented the California beach chic look and has been giving Jennifer Aniston's famed hair style a run for its money since her "Laguna Beach" days. Celebrity hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan has been working with Whitney Port (who was also photographed for the cover story) for the past two years and started working with Lauren last year. Strahan gave LC and Whitney their gorgeous 'Glamour' 'do's (like the pun!?) and told me what he did to get their hair looking bed-head sexy and supremely "it-girl" stunning. 

The New York based stylist says he wanted to maintain a sense of effortless glamour in the looks he was creating. "I wanted to create hair that was soft, natural feeling, healthy looking and vibrant".

Step 1: Strahan started by making sure the hair was properly hydrated so that he'd get the best results from his styling products. He used Herbal Essences Hydralicious Shampoo and Conditioner to moisturize the strands of the two reality cuties. 

Step 2: The hair guru then used Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel and The Long Term Relationship Split End Protector from Herbal Essences. "The spray gel provides a memory like hold which allows me to run my hands through the hair easily. If we have fan [blowing] on it, the hair is light and moveable." he says.  Strahan likes the Split End Protector cream because it has heat protection so your hair will look and feel healthy even after heat styling like he did with curling irons used on Conrad and Port's locks to add oomph and movement.

Step 3: Strahan used the Split End Protector cream as a pomade to smooth away fly-away hair instead of using silicone based products which he says makes hair look oily and weighed down. 

So with just a few products that you can easily grab at your local drugstore, you too can achieve Lauren Conrad's luscious locks! 

P.S. No "Heidi Montag diva alert" here! Strahan said Whitney and LC are super supportive of each other, great girlfriends and a pleasure to work with!

To get the same long loose curls Whitney maintains try the Hot Tools Jumbo 1" Marcel Curling Iron. It gives you enviable curls without going into Shirley Temple territory, which is anything but sexy! 

Images of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port from Glamour Magazine

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