Apr 20, 2010

Jenn Falik Is Your New Beauty BFF

Beauty and style expert (and all around sweetie), Jenn Falik, has been dishing out getting glam tips for a decade, regularly contributing to "The Today Show", "The View" and "E News". Falik is now taking her bag of beauty tricks to the web with the launch of her very own show, Beauty BFF, on MSN Lifestyle and Bing Video.


She invites us beauty junkies to get all the must have tips, product recommendations she swears by and insider scoop from her; our very own beauty industry bestie.


Beauty BFF covers everything from how to achieve the looks your crave (but may be scared to attempt on your own) to the latest trends in hair, makeup and skincare. We'll watch as Jenn talks to the biggest names in beauty and gets them to spill their secrets. From perfecting the art of the up-do to mastering the at-home manicure, scoring celeb favorites to discovering breakthrough beauty buys- each episode combines her insider perspective with usable how-to advice. And since Jenn is all about finding the must-have products that your BFF wouldn't want you to miss out on, each episode will feature her favorite Product Picks.


I love how fabulous yet down to earth she is and how interesting and unique her product recommendations are. She even found the trendiest purple shower cap (if that's even possible) I've ever seen, which prevents you from getting your hair wet, thus thwarting frizzies. The first webisode features ways we can combat frizzy unsightly hair and her favorite affordable product picks. Not to be missed people! She also covers essential topics in future episodes such as how to cover dark under eye circles and how to effectively apply makeup without looking like you're wearing any. Yes please!


This is a must-watch show and I give it a Ebert and Roeper Two Thumbs Up!


The weekly web series will run through Fall 2010. Follow Jenn on Twitter: @JennFalik

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