Apr 2, 2010

La Toya Jackson Hawks Diamond Dusted Hand Cream

La Toya Jackson recently helped launch German beauty line, Alessandro International's new luxury hand care product called Dream Cream at the Beauty International trade fair in Dusserldorf, Germany according to Women's Wear Daily.

The Dream Cream comes in a container adorned with 285 Crystallized-Swarovski Elements and sells for a whopping $226.69! A limited amount of these creams are selling at the Alessandro salons and counters. The vanilla, sweet almond and patchouli scented cream is the ultimate indulgence: it contains diamond powder, malachite and pure shea butter.

Hmm…I think I'll stick with my four dollar Neutrogena Hand Cream for now! I wonder why diamond powder was decided to be amazing for your skin? Is it just because diamonds are rare and exclusive? I mean, Bengal Tigers are rare. No one's decided to add the hair fibers from a Bengal Tiger's tail to some cellulite zapping cream, have they!? Or maybe they have… Either way it's bizarre!

It's also always totally crazy to see La Toya Jackson out in public. She looks absolutely crazy and very plastic and way too much like Michael Jackson. Somebody needs to get the family a new plastic surgeon, STAT.  Oy veh!


Would any of you drop over 200 bones for hand cream? Would any of you be clamoring to buy any type of beauty product La Toya Jackson is hawking? Please say no.

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