Apr 28, 2010

Beauty On The Run With The Beauty Buff-Cinderella Skin in 7 Minutes

Not every woman has the opportunity to get a head to toe Cinderella makeover often enough in their lives but we certainly deserve to feel like a new person every once in a while! Orlane Paris offers a transformational skincare makeover with their truly remarkable Absolute Radiance Lightbox. The 3-step skincare solution seriously works wonders in 7 minutes!

The idea behind this ingenious spa-in-a-box set is that with just a few minutes and a few tools you'll be able to achieve radiant skin and revive a dull overworked and under appreciated face.

The box contains The Dazzling Eye Ritual which consists of an Eye Contour Serum and Under Eye Patches; The Shimmering Skin Masque which consists of a single application powder and cream, mixed together to create a creamy foaming masque and finally the rich lathering Evanescent Cream.

The process is quick and easy and the perfect way to prep your skin before a big night out or detox after a long grueling day. You don't realize how taxing the elements are on your skin and how much you need a treatment that brightens, revitalizes and polishes the pores. Take all the products out to expedite the process. With a perfectly cleansed face apply the eye serum around the eyes. Then take the eye patches and place them under each eye and pat them into place for 7 minutes. The patches feel moisturizing and cooling on the skin.

Take the powder and pour it into the cream, mixing it together and smearing it all over your face. Keep the masque on for 5 minutes.  After you're done, rinse the masque off and take the patches off. Finally frost your mug with the Evanescent Cream, which will energize, detoxify and plump your skin.

Your skin will feel velvety glossy and completely silky smooth. The under eye patches smooth over your wrinkles and depuffs and tightens your skin. The treatment is an amazing gift to give someone who needs a skin-break and is a fabulous treat to yourself when you need to boost your dull skin and get ready for a special night out. Take this kit when traveling and apply immediately after arriving in your new destination. You'll wow the locales with your radiant glow and fresh complexion.

Orlane's Lightbox is one of my absolute favorite products right now and I'm loving the spa feeling I have without ever having to leave my house! For $200 you'll get six fantastic applications and save the money you'd need on just one pricey facial.

Find the one of a kind kit at Bloomies  and Neiman Marcus 

Find out more about Orlane Paris's other fabulous line: The Anagenese 25+ Complex skincare collection.

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