Apr 12, 2010

Darphin's 50 Little Luxuries Contest

Darphin has always had a lathery array of skin smoothing treats. So it should come as no surprise that this spring, the French luxury skincare brand is introducing its most luxurious lathery $50 face cream yet. Hydraskin Essential is a super moisturizing emulsion concocted with ingredients like Butterfly Lavendar and Organic Shea Butter to leave you with the softest, supplest face yet. 
In honor of their launch, Darphin is inviting women to share their favorite $50 luxury at www.50littleluxuries.com Think about it! How many times have you thought to yourself, yeah it’s $50 but ya know what it makes me really happy!? For me, way too often! What I’m loving is that for every tip shared, a donation will be made to the IDEAL Providence Farms to buy school supplies for children in Ghana (the very same children harvesting the Organic Shea Butter in Hydraskin Essential, which is part of Darphin’s efforts to support and give back to the community).

Here are some of my favorite indulgences: an evening filled with freshly bought girlie and gossip magazines, a vat of all my favorite candy and sweets (all ready to rot my teeth and make me deliriously happy and hyper) and sushi takeout (I love lots of tempura and shrimp) from my favorite neighborhood spot.

I also love a day of scouring makeup counters at all my favorite beauty hubs, ending the shopping extravaganza with having spent way too much money but happily enjoying a full made over face (forcing me to go out on the town right then and there) and a bag or two filled with pristine, newly packaged cosmetics, skin lotions, treatments and more!

Celebrities have also shared their favorite indulgences. Here are some of my favorites:

Emmy Rossum treats herself to buying a favorite TV show DVD series and coffee ice cream.

Kara DioGuardi indulges in an extra long pedicure massage.

Becki Newton spoils herself with fresh flowers.

Whitney Port’s $50 pleasure is a manicure and pedicure.

Perrey Reeves picks up a great new plant for her garden.

Describe your fav indulgences and on April 21st, the 50 most fabulous and creative entries will win a preview of Darphin’s full-size Hydraskin Essential. The grand prize winner will be treated to a New York City Spa Getaway for two with transportation to the Big Apple, two nights at the Surry Hotel, Darphin treatments and more. Ummm sounds amazing!

Participate, reveal your favorite indulgences and become eligible to win seriously amazing prizes!

You can also follow and tweet Darphin: @Darphin.

Dying to hear what you’re favorite indulgences are! Let me know!! Do you share any of mine!?

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