Oct 15, 2012

Makeup Trial-Deb H.

Did a makeup trial last week with my college friend Deb who is getting married next week in DC. So fun to see her after so long and catch up! She looked gorgeous as always. Loved how Old Hollywood glam she looked with the fluttery lashes and bold red lips. For this look we used a false eye lash strip and lots of neutral, shimmery champagne tones on the eyes with just a hint of light brown in the crease. We did a peach blush with some sparkle to highlight her cheekbones and added a raspberry red lip with lots of gloss to make her lips pop! Can't wait to share her wedding day look with all of you!

Happy Halloween from Sprinkles!

Yummy in my tummy! Delicious Halloween cupcakes from Sprinkles delivered to the office bright and early Monday morning! Just what we all needed.... Well apparently it was because they were devoured!  The cupcakes were soo divine and the frosting (which I'm very concerned about was light, sweet and fluffy. I approve! Great to be reminded how fun and festive Halloween is! So glad it's around the corner. Keep the yummy treats coming!! 

Flavors from left to right: Milk Chocolate (Belgian dark chocolate with fudgy milk chocolate cream cheese frosting), Red Velvet (light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting), Black and White (Belgian dark chocolate with cream cheese frosting), and Caramel Apple (Spiced apple cake with Granny Smith apples topped with caramel cream cheese frosting).

Favorite Outfit of the Week!

How amazing does Kerri Russell look in this simple yet totally chic outfit? I am obsessed with the small yet significant details that make up this ensemble. I love the collar and subtle pleats of this well tailored shirt. I also adore the tiny slits on the bottom of her pants. Everything works! Russell is and always has been gorgeous, but in the beautiful creation she looks like a total movie star!

Oct 14, 2012

Best DC-Area Wedding Vendors: Retrospect Band

Photo by Retrospect Band
As a new bride, it's my moral obligation to share my post wedding knowledge with the masses and hopefully reassure or guide even just one bride-to-be down a stress-alleviating path when it comes to at least one or two different vendor options. No matter what, the planning process can be and usually is incredibly stressful and at times frustrating. There are so many options available these days and so much  time and emotional energy is put into finding the perfect fill-in-the-blank vendor who understands who you are, what you want, and of course, what you can afford. Unfortunately, there are always going to be vendors that end up making your life even more stressful and ultimately aren't on the same page or wavelength as you at all. 

With that said, there are and were a few vendors that truly made our wedding the best day ever and also made the process leading up to the big event as easy and calming as possible. These vendors not only delivered the highest quality work, but made it exciting and wonderful to plan with them along the way. 

One of the best and arguably most important vendors we had was our band. Retrospect Band, was one of the first vendors I booked and one of the easiest and quickest decisions I made. Hiring this band is a no-brainer. We had booked them for my sister's wedding five years ago and got to know Larry Elliot, their band leader during that process. Larry and the band always deliver and are always consistent in their work and style. They are extremely accommodating, professional, and talented. They also have an amazing sense of how to gauge a crowd and play music to suite the mood.

Photo by Retrospect Band
The nine-piece band plays a wide-range of songs across several genres and knows how to excite and energize young and older people alike. The band consists of one male and two female lead vocalists, a three-piece rhythm sections and three-piece horn section. The entire room was dancing all evening and at the end of the evening every guest was feverishly chanting to the band to play just one more song. They played a fantastic mix of pop, rock, and soul music. The vocals and acoustics were perfect and the band members had the crowd going wild when they came out and performed in the middle of the dance floor.

There are plenty of talented bands out there that know how to play great music but Retrospect takes it an important step further. They know how to play great music that always has a universally-appealing beat that's easy, effortless, and fun for everyone to dance to. They have a great ability to choose music that is not just popular but has a consistent beat. They also know how to create an energetic set list that doesn't feel repetitive or stuck in one genre. Larry is also a fantastic MC and knows how to guide the evening with purpose and confidence. He always knows the what to say and when to say it and really helped set and move the pace of the evening along. These are crucial elements that help make a large scale event run smoothly.

They are truly worth every penny and a sure bet. We have worked with them in the past and have seen them before at many other weddings and are never disappointed and always impressed. 

So, if you are a bride-to-be or know one, let them know about this amazing vendor choice. They will make your wedding unforgettable and endlessly fun. Best of all, you will enjoy working with them and enjoy the peace of mind you will feel after booking them. They will help you create a perfect reception timeline and deliver everything they promise.

Thank you again to Larry Elliot and Retrospect for helping to create such a memorable evening.

Check them out on their Facebook page to learn more.

Got Hitched!

Yup, it's official I'm a married lady and it truly was the happiest day of my life!

This little beauty buff and her prince charming got married last August in Washington, D.C. in front of family and friends. The ceremony was a little traditional, a little unconventional and a lot of fun. The groom looked dashing in a sleek, slim fitted tuxedo and the bride wore the most beautiful champagne-colored lengha she had ever seen. The evening was filled with dancing, joyful toasts and lots of spirited revelry! The bride's father even played the guitar with the band for the couple's first song. Delicious food, divine music, and a room full of amazing people made the night a fairy tale.   

So there you have it. Our wedding was everything I had hoped it would be and much much more!