Dec 29, 2009

Is Your Skin Thirsty For Moisture? Try This!

Winter weather can be harsh on your skin. The dryness of the air and harshness of the cold and wind can leave your pores wishing for moisture and comfort. If you’re like me, your skin is dry, itchy and uncomfortable to the point that if you don’t have lotion on it at all times, you’re in total discomfort.

A product that’s saved me from a tortured existence (ok I’m being dramatic) has been B5 Hydrating Gel by Skinceuticals ($65.00, Use a few drops after washing your face in the morning or in the evening but before you lather on your moisturizer. It’s full of vitamin B5 which helps plump and replenishes nutrients the skin needs to feel smooth and hydrated. It also maximizes the effects from your lotion so your skin feels soft and hydrated. The softening solution contains hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator to bind moisture to the skin and makes your skin feel moisturized no matter what the weather is like outside. Not too shabby for one little bottle to do all that!

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