Dec 13, 2009

15 Minutes of Fabulous Courtesy of Lipstick Queen

If you don't know about Lipstick Queen now, you will! It's one of my favorite brands and I'm kinda obsessed with the founder, Poppy King. She started the lip line right out of high school in Australia and has created some of the most exciting product campaigns and packaged pout enhancers around. She's also got a totally enviable retro/vintage look and wears candy-apple reds as naturally as you would, a swipe of chapstick.

While I could go on and on about my favorite sticks, glosses and chubby pencils (Saints and Sinners, Oxymoron and Chinatown to be exact), I'll just dwell on one for now. I am absolutely loving 15 Minutes of Fame ($16.50), the new line of one-click glosses. The name, which is just as creative and innovative as all the other lines Ms. King has developed, is a nod to the iconic expression coined by Andy Warhol in the sixties.

The packaging oozes psychedelic pop-art inspired sentiments and the fifteen shades from 1 Minute (a light pink) to 15 minutes (a deep burgundy) are bright, rich in pigment yet totally wearable.

The glosses go on soft and spread lusciously over the lips with the brush applicator. I wore it all day today and rejoiced that after eating, drinking and chatting away, the color remained bright.

My favorites are 9 and 10 Minutes. Both are rich berries but 9 Minutes has a beautiful beet red tint while 10 Minutes has a raspberry pinkie tone.

Today I wore 9 Minutes and loved how it picked up the green eyeliner I wore with it. The beet red-berry shade and emerald liner made for a fun take on a holiday-winter look. When the weather is less than desirable (an understatement) it's always a good idea, to wear brightening shades to perk up your pasty winter face and disheartened/shivering spirit!

Please note: This isn't my grumpy-pouty face. It's my 'I'm trying to be really serious and really show you this lip gloss' kind of face. Do you see the distinction?