Dec 25, 2009

Tip of the Day: Primping Problems Solved!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

There's no shortage of festive parties to attend this holiday season and getting gussied up is always half the fun. Agreed?

When else is it totally socially acceptable to be decked out in head to toe sparkles and gaudy jewelry? Ok Halloween doesn't count!

There are so many ways to look and feel special on the party circuit so don't let a few getting ready glitches take up your precious time and joyous spirit.

Here are a few tips to make life a little easier so you can enjoy your fabulousness:

Perfume Overkill?

There's nothing worse than spritzing way too much fragrance on yourself. The delightful smells of flowers, musky patchouli and vanilla become overwhelming and awful if sprayed in excess. Plus if you haven't given yourself a headache after a few minutes, I guarantee you've given someone else one. Dilute the smell by taking a warm, soapy washcloth and pressing it on your pulse points. And remember never apply any scent to your clothes, just stick to your skin.

Mound of Makeup On?

Take a spray bottle of water and lightly spritz your face. Take a makeup sponge ($1.99 for a pack at drugstores) and lightly dab off the excess powder, foundation or blush. If you don't have a spray bottle, I highly recommend Evian Mineral Water Spray ($10.00, It keeps your skin hydrated and is a miracle to use after a plane ride or being in a confined dry air space. It also helps revive your makeup during the day.

Eye Makeup Overload?

Use baby wipes and q-tips to take off some of the excess shadow. If you've applied your eyeliner with too heavy a hand, soften the look by applying eye shadow in a coordinating color over the liner (neutrals always look good too), then blend together with a cotton swab.

Greasy Hair?

There are plenty of great hair powders available on the market right now. My favorite is Hair Powder by Bumble and bumble ($19.00, It give your hair volume, touches up your root color and takes away a lot of the oiliness and slickness of unwashed strands so you can confidently let your hair down in public. A cheaper option is to dust baby powder or cornstarch on comb and brush through.

Sleepy Eyes?

Use a navy colored mascara instead of black. If you don't have blue mascara (which most of us don't), rub any mascara brush into a blue eyeshadow (cream or powder both work). A dark blue shade is flattering on most people anyway, so be sure to stock up on that. Also use blue eyeliner and apply it along the rim of your bottom lid. The color will make the whites of your eyes appear brighter and you'll look more alert. Try Sephora Cream Eyeliner Palette in Blues ($15.00, or Benefit BADgal Blue, ($19.00,

Polish Problems?

If your nail polish has turned your nails yellow apply white vinegar to the nail. If your nail polish has become dull, coat your nails with a drop of olive oil and rub into your cuticles as well.

Hopefully this prevents some unnecessary melt downs and primping anxieties and lets you get to all the merry occasions you'll be attending on time and looking like the best possible version of you!

A big thanks to Diane Irons and her fab. book The World's Best-Kept Beauty Secrets. It's my not-so secret weapon and treasure trove of beauty facts.

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