Jan 3, 2010

My Holiday Beauty Wish List

The holiday season has sadly come to an end. The anticipation, stress and joy of seeing your presents opened up by loved ones has come and gone. The last few weeks of December always seem like a whirlwind no matter what you're doing and where you are. There's the stress and worry when browsing online and in stores hoping to obtain the perfect present, the relief and happiness when you find what you're looking for and the care and diligence required to wrap said item with finesse. Then the day comes and within seconds the wrapping flies off and the smiles spread widely over everyone's faces. Then we rinse and repeat the same process next year.

Hopefully no matter what you celebrate and how big or small your presents were, you gave and received something heartfelt and wrapped with love.

I certainly did. Santa and my family somehow knew exactly what I wanted. Was it my annual Christmas Wish List email detailing each and every item I've soo been eying, complete with purchase locations and options? Perhaps. Was it all the not so subtle hints I left on recent blog posts? Likely to very likely. Or maybe my loved ones just know me so deep down to my core, they knew a sprinkling of ab. fab. beauty buys would satiate my holiday wishes and whims.

The purchases that made the cosmetics cut included: Nars Day and Night Palette (a gorgeous compact complete with six shadows that instantly transform your eyes for any occasion-Abyssinia, Cleo, Sugarland, Underworld, Fathom and Night Breed), Stila smudge pot collection (gel eye liner hues in dramatic yet totally wearable shades like kitten, violet, starry night and black), Sinner Rose by Lipstick Queen, a berry pink matte lip shade, Chanel Glossimer in Imaginaire (Glossimers top my favorite glosses lists and I love this sparkly raspberry tint in particular), and finally Clinique Happy, one of my all time favorite "feel-good smell great" scents.

A million thank you's to my familia for these and all the other presents I received!

So now the question is, what hot button beauty buys did you get or purchase this gift giving season!? I'm dying to know! Send me a picture, a description, a piece of paper with the sweet smell of your newly acquired scent, or whatever you like.

There were endless numbers of fantastic, newly designed palettes, carefully constructed gift packages and mini masterpieces of old favorites lined up so neatly at all the cosmetic counters. What caught your eye and which one can you say you are the proud new owner of? Let the Beauty Buff know what it is and what you think of it!

Happy 2010 everyone! Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!


  1. My sister got me a Dior eyeshadow quad for Christmas. Can I just say best ever? I may be converted for life. I'm pretty obsessed with it, and I received several holiday compliments after I started wearing it!

  2. A friend recommended the Julie Hewitt gel eyeliner to me (I forget what it's called but it comes in this little pot and you put it on with an eyeliner brush). I'm using it in this pretty royal blue color. I love it! It was a great holiday look that will carry through the winter. I highly recommend it to your readers!

  3. I love Chanel glossimers! Santa always comes through and puts one in my stocking and I'm completely obsessed! Best lip gloss ever!

  4. My husband bought me Sephora's "Glamorous 360 Deluxe Palette." I'll admit, I may have steered him in the right direction (ok fine, I sent him a link to the product!) I love it because its super compact. I plan to leave it at work. It will give me peace of mind that I can accept last minute happy hour or dinner invitations and always be able to touch up beforehand!

  5. NARS makes the best blush and bronzer duo. My sister got me hooked and I find myself wondering how I ever used anything else. It's beyond fabulous!

  6. I totally love Stila smudge pots! They create a fabulous line and stay on allllll day.