Dec 9, 2009

Tip of the Day: Soft (and Clean) As A Baby's Bottom

I recently worked on two fashion shows (the Karen Millen show at Bond and the Michael De Paulo show at The Liberty Hotel) which both had the typical fun, fabulous and decidedly hectic atmosphere backstage. While the obvious beauty products, hair tools, sprays and serums flowed aplenty, there were a few other less obvious but no less important fashion necessities on hand. While you may not associate baby wipes with some of the other glitzy accessories that makes fashion so beautiful, they’re actually one of the most important tools in the biz.

Baby wipes are one of those do-it-all items that should be a staple of every product junkie’s repertoire. They’re so great because of how inexpensive they are ($3.49 at drugstores or $2.00 for a travel kit at drugstores) and how well they cleanse your face and remove dirt, makeup and oil. We tend to spend unnecessary extra change on eye and face makeup removers, when just one wipe of these will do it all in a single swipe. The pads truly are lifesavers. There are always so many last minute changes in looks at shows and shoots. They help maximize time and effectiveness on makeup applications and removals. The baby-bottom cleaners easily take off the makeup you want to remove but don't smudge the stuff that you want to have stay put. Thank you baby geniuses for being such beauty trend spotters!

Also most wipes contain lanolin, a skin softener that’s gentle for the skin. So your skin will feel satiny and hydrated after use unlike other toners and makeup removers that dry your skin out-which is particularly perilous in the winter months.

So the next time you’re scouring the aisles of your fav. drugstore, (which is often for me, since CVS is secretly one of my favorite shopping destinations) make a beeline to the baby shelves and scoop up the ever efficient, always useful box of baby wipes. You’ll be in the company of droves of models and makeup experts alike- all in on the same big secret.

Oh yeah and don’t worry about it, they also help get rid of stains and deodorant marks. No big deal. All in a day’s work!

Thanks to D. Iron's World's Best Kept Beauty Secrets for the lanolin tidbit. Who knew!?

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