Dec 19, 2009

Man Maintenance: One and Done

Good news for all the guys who hate dealing with all the specialized bottles of this and that. This is the “one and done” answer you’ve been looking for.

While women tend to relish in the plethora of products available and “necessary” for the beautification process, men tend to have a proclivity for keeping things pretty simple in the grooming department.

From what I’m told, the fewer products and steps needed to walk out the door with a squeaky clean exterior the better. So for those gentlemen who feel like their bath tubs are already jam-packed with bottles of ‘poo (that’s short for shampoo for those of you who are unfortunately lingo-challenged), big toe cleaner, arm pit cleaner, belly button cleaner, nose hair cleaner and the yellow rubber duckies that keep you company during your (hopefully) daily showers, The Beauty Buff has the solution to simplify your life. And to the dudes who use shampers to clean every crevice of their being, stop, that’s kinda weird. Use this instead and stop being so lazy. You know who you are.

Badass Hair’s Ultimate Cleansing Cream ($19.00, The Beauty Mark) is a head to toe secret weapon in the fight against boy grunginess. Badass Hair (pardon my French) is the hair care line by Scott Fontana who runs Fontana Salon in Beantown, USA. The creamy formula effectively washes your manly hair, manly face and manly man-bod with its rich combination of vitamins, proteins and natural botanical extracts. The wonder-tube also reduces hair and scalp dryness and softens the skin with its emollient packed solution.

So instead of feeling claustrophobically crowded with endless bottles of ‘poo, bars of soap and facial mumbo jumbo, you and your duckies can take the traffic-jam out of your showers and enjoy a single bottle filled with cleansing possibilities.

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