Oct 22, 2009

Tip of the Day-Spooning

Is spooning the new way to look refreshed in the morning? According to Molly Sims it is!

The model-actress recommends keeping a spoon in the refrigerator to put on your eyes. By leaving the chilled spoon (or two) on each eye for five minutes you'll be able to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Having a spoon in your fridge at all times is an easy, accessible way to look like you've had a few more winks than your body knows you've actually had. Thanks to Molly and In Style Magazine for the innovative tip!

As for my advice: Don't forget to add caffeinated tea bags and thinly sliced cucumber slices to your refrigerated bag of tricks. Also use an eye treatment with caffeine in it then gently tap your finger around the delicate under eye area to increase circulation. Limit your intake of processed food which tends to be loaded with sodium (salty foods cause fluid retention which can lead to puffiness).

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