Oct 20, 2009

Be A Confident Online Beauty Buyer

Although regular excursions to your local makeup counter is the ideal way to scoop up and test out new finds, not everyone has the time or energy to carve out what inevitably becomes hours of joyous product scavenging. Isn't that always the case? You go to buy one thing and somehow always end up finding two other items you never knew you needed to have! It's wonderful to have an expert eye navigating which colors and compacts you'll radiate in isn't it? And you yourself can always tell whether that teal shadow you just tried on gives you a modern day smoky eye sparkle or conjures up a striking resemblance to Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

That's why online makeup shopping seems so daunting for so many people. How can you really tell whether you'll like how a shade of lipstick looks or if an eye shadow palette compliments your skin tone? Once you buy it and open the packaging are you stuck with it forever? Those fears would turn anyone away from making your beauty buys a one-click process.

However, places like Sephora.com and Beauty.com have already anticipated your apprehension and adjusted accordingly. At Beauty.com many of the store's makeup products have a 100% Color Guarantee. This allows you to buy makeup online and if you're not happy with the color, return it for a full refund. Although this only applies to products that have the 100% Color Guarantee logo and you won't get a refund for any shipping costs you incurred that ends up encompassing a lot of different products and hues!

Sephora.com provides similar services to accommodate its customers. If you order a product, try it on and don't like it you can return the item and get a full refund if its sent back within 60 days of purchase. So if an item is slightly used they'll take it back and pay for shipping costs.

These two sites are in my opinion the best place to get the most variety, quality and reliability in customer service. So if you've ever hesitated about buying a blush or foundation shade this tid bit of information is for you! Click AWAY beauty lovers!

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