Oct 30, 2009

Organic Must Have-Squeaky Clean & Smooth

Talk about a two-in-one crowd-pleaser. I recently tried Elizabeth's Wild Hair Shaving Soap ($7.50, thejoyofsoap.com) and it's now a shower time favorite. It may look like your average handmade soap but this thick slab of sudsy meat is the answer to so much more!

The Joy of Soap is the eco-friendly company that makes this and several other innovatively crafted, all-natural organic bath products. The delicious smelling treats are infused with essential and fragrance oils and ingredients such as ginger, lemon, sweet orange and lavender. Yummy!

I'm loving Elizabeth's because of how multifaceted it is and efficient it makes me in the shower! Can you imagine, a soap that actually saves you time in the morning? The bar contains peppermint essential oils, ground pumice and willow bark. The ground pumice gently exfoliates your body, the peppermint oil makes you feel alert and tinglingly refreshed (kinda important in the morning) and the willow bark (known for its medicinal qualities-it contains salicylic acid) helps smooth out your "wild hairs" while shaving. This budget friendly wonder-bar left my skin feeling smooth and clean and cut my shower time in half!

Instead of fumbling around with shaving creams, body exfoliants and washes, I had one item that took care of 60 percent of my showering routine activities. So, if you're trying to be efficient, economical and eco-friendly and enjoy doing it this just might be the bar for you! 

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  1. My girlfriend bought me some of this soap that caters to men and they were great. The one I used had peppermint or something in it that woke me right up and made me feel so fresh and so clean.