Oct 20, 2009

A Saucy Universal Red

Red lips are turning up everywhere this season and seem to be the must have makeup accessory for the Fall.

If you're tired of searching for the perfect crimson shade for your lips then you'll love Duwop's latest pout product, Private Red ($22, thebeautymark.com).

The scarlet tube is a color-changing concoction that morphs to adjust to each person's own unique chemistry. And ya know what? It really works! It goes on creamy (it's made of beeswax, castor oil and Vitamin E), doesn't dry out your lips and the color lasts all day. I'm talking -stays put after having drinks, food, yapping on the phone for an hour, you name it, its still on!

Private Red is my go-to red this season. I was struck by how Gwen Stefanie-glamorous it made me look. And while it looks great on me I was still pretty skeptical that it would look good on everyone and change to suit different colorings. Low and behold, The Beauty Mark's lovely blond and blue eyed Jackie Champagne informed me this is her absolute favorite new lipstick as well! From two completely different ends of the complexion spectrum, Private Red comes out the winner! Amazing!

So if you're dying to find the perfect red to compliment your new Fall wardrobe and self look no further than this sexy-inducing, lipstick on your collar kinda shade!

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