Oct 23, 2009

Sephora's Halloween Makeup Ideas & Solutions

As usual Sephora has come up with a simple yet ingenious way to make all of our lives easier. With Halloween a week away, everyone's scrambling to put together a costume that’s funny, sexy, relevant, timely and oh yeah makes you look AWESOME. With people posting (what has now become their annual) Halloween party pix on Facebook almost instantaneously, don't we all feel the added pressure to one-up our previous costumes and have friends comment on how creative and fabulous we look!? C'mon admit it!

Well, our favorite megastore is now helping us achieve and (perhaps inspire) the look that will complete your costume and new alluring persona. Each Sephora Brand Halloween Kit ($19, sephora.com) has the essentials to conjure up three different looks. The looks include a vampire, witch and rock star or doll, fairy and angel or Cleopatra, peacock or Greek goddess. After experimenting with these kits the costume possibilities will be endless and you'll be the Facebook Halloween superstar you know you are! A big thanks goes out to one of my favorite blogs, Makeup Bag, for keeping us all in the know about this amazing find!

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