Oct 9, 2009

The Beauty Buff's First GIVEAWAY!!!

In celebration of this fabulous research study and their 100th anniversary, L'Oreal has decided to help me with my very first GIVEAWAY! Wahooooooo! And I couldn't be more excited by what we're giving away! Hair junkies: this is for you! Drum roll please….Tah Da! The iconic L'Oréal Elnett StrongHold Hairspray (i.e. The Holy Grail of hair products) will be my first foray into free giveaway land! Who doesn't love free?

This shiny gilded bottle is more than coveted; it's reached a cult status, with hair enthusiasts clamoring for the "perfect hair" inducing concoction.

Hairdressers and devotees alike had to travel to Europe in the past to fetch as many of these as fit into their wingspan but now it's finally made its way to American turf and sold exclusively at Target. I probably don't have to tell you but this "miracle spray" (as it's been referred to) works wonders on your hair with incredible volume, shine and flexibility. It offers a strong resistant hold for all day wear yet is incredibly easy to brush through and leaves your hair silky and shiny. Is there any other way you'd want your hair products to be!? It's been used on countless celebrities for numerous red carpet events and photo shoots and of course won a plethora of awards from the beauty elite like Allure and In Style (for three consecutive years) for best hairspray.

So in order to get a free bottle send me a message and tell me your favorite L'Oreal product and why you want to try Elnett hairspray. I'll pick winners at random and have the bottles sent to you. Sound good!? I think so!

Send me a private message (accessible at the top left of the page under the About Me section) ASAP! I want to hear from you!


  1. My favorite L'Oreal product (right now) is anything in the Everpure haircare line of products. My glistening red curly hair doesn't just do it self in the morning, it needs lots of help! I have used tons of products from almost every brand, and nothing can hold a candle to the way L'Oreal can keep my curls tight and shiny all day long! If L'Oreal hair products were Catholic, they would be the Pope! I use them every day, and encourage every reader here to do the same!
    Here's to healthy hair wishes for everyone!

  2. Thanks RedCurlyHair! Ha I agree with you! Have a happy hair day!