Feb 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week-Fall 2011 Tracy Reese

My lovely and super talented stylist friend Nakima Benjamin is not only an impeccable dresser but also has an eye for details. She has a knack for describing the look and feel of the slinky clothes that saunter down the runway and knows her stuff when it comes to fabrics, textures, and draping. Ms. Benjamin was on hand at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and lent me her expert eye while attending several fab. shows. Check out Nakima's reviews of the Fall 2011 collections!

In my opinion, the highlights of the Tracy Reese show were hair and makeup.  Hair was kept loose and flowing, which sounds ordinary enough, BUT if you looked closely, you'd notice that each model had a streak of color spray painted into her do.  The colors ranged from blue, purple, and pink depending on the natural hair color and look worn.  As for the makeup, it was kept pretty natural, which again sounds ordinary, but there was always a hint of glitter/sparkle, particularly around the eyes.  Ms. Reese knows the beauty is in details.  The clothes were solid.  Some great prints, knits, and pieces with fur details were shown in a broad color palette ranging from black, gray, and white to raspberry, plum, and teal.  Ms. Reese's fans will not be disappointed.

Images by Alessandro Garofalo / GoRunway.com from Style.com

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