Feb 1, 2011

My Worst Dressed Picks from the 2011 SAG Awards

Check out my worst dressed picks at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. There were some dresses I didn't mind on their own but the fit and cut was all wrong on the ladies who were wearing them. Melissa Leo looked beautiful and very glamorous but her dress was tight around her stomach and made her look heavy. The short sleeve cut just didn't work either. Jane Lynch looked awful. She was probably the worst dressed woman there. The dress was completely inappropriate for her style. The color, fit and texture overwhelmed her and made her look completely silly. I actually really liked Amy Adams' dress. It was beautiful but did not look good on her. It made her look like she had no neck and overwhelmed her body. It was also tight in the wrong places and flattened her chest. Naya Rivera's dress looked cheap and her makeup was a bit too showgirl for me. Her hair also looked very undone. Winona Ryder and Jenna Fischer had two extremely ill-fitting dresses that aged them. Winona looked like a little kid trying to play dress up in her big sister's wedding dress and Jenna looked like she was wearing a dress from her grandmother's closet. Kim Kardashian's Marchesa dress was a bit too busy for me and ill-fitting. It looked like it was going to fall down in a very inappropriate area. Christina Hendricks looked like she was wearing a slutty night gown/robe in her L'Wren Scott gown and Hailee Steinfeld looked but her Prada dress looked a little casual and almost too child-like. Dexter's Lauren Velez looked insanely bad. What was she thinking!? Her outfit was ugly and inappropriate for a day time event let alone a night time awards show. Kate Mara also looked awful. I don't know if she was attempting to look fashion forward but the cut, color and silly headband looked just that: silly.
Sorry to be harsh ladies. You're all gorgeous, but with all the access to gorgeous outfits and beautiful hair and makeup, you've got to step it up!

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