Feb 24, 2011

Fashion Week Fall 2011-Malan Breton

Credit: Tom Concordia/Elle.com
Nakima Benjamin is a New York based fashion stylist and creative consult. She has a knack for describing the look and feel of the slinky clothes that saunter down the runway. Ms. Benjamin was on hand at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and lent me her expert eye while attending several fab. shows. Check out Nakima's reviews of the Fall 2011 collections!
Credit: Tom Concordia/Elle.com
Malan Breton, a former contestant on Project Runway, presented a solid Fall/Winter collection.  Entitled "Kyoto Wonderland", the Japanese inspiration and influence for the collection was strongly displayed throughout the womenswear pieces.  Breton's collection included wrap dresses topped with thick belts that mimicked the traditional kimonos worn by Japanese women, while some of his blouses contain deep V-necks and voluminous "kimono" sleeves thus continuing a strong theme.  Breton was smart to not interpret his theme too literally however.  Pieces were kept modern and current by use of fabrics such as raw silk, lace, and rayon with lurex detailing.  When it came to menswear, I felt as though the feeling of being in Kyoto Wonderland disappeared.  Instead, we were quickly transported to the streets of Rome or Milan where well groomed men in tailored suits are the norm.  Breton has a knack for menswear; his mens suits and jackets were much stronger than their female counterparts.  Breton doesn't follow the very narrow suit cuts that European designers favor, but his suits present nice, sharp lines and are steps above the boxy suits still favored by some American men.  For future collections, Breton should pay closer attention to details.  I noticed that the fit of his pieces were often slightly off (suits often appeared too short and/or too tight on the models).  An easy fix that would make a world of a difference.  Even so, Breton has talent.
Credit: Tom Concordia/Elle.com
For further information on Nakima's fashion editorials and advertising campaigns and to view samples of her work, go to her website - www.nakimabenjamin.viewbook.com.

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