Feb 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week-Fall 2011 Monique Lhuillier

My lovely and super talented stylist friend Nakima Benjamin is not only an impeccable dresser but also has an eye for details. She has a knack for describing the look and feel of the slinky clothes that saunter down the runway and knows her stuff when it comes to fabrics, textures, and draping. Ms. Benjamin was on hand at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week and lent me her expert eye while attending several fab. shows. Check out Nakima's reviews of the Fall 2011 collections!

Aside from Carlos Miele, the Monique Lhuillier show was the pinnacle of my day.  It was hands down GORGEOUS.  Talk about eye-candy...Ms. Lhuillier knows how to deliver.  I would wear EVERY single piece in the collection.  Ms. Lhuillier said she wanted to present a collection that is "dark, sultry, and seductive" and she not only managed to achieve her goal, she also far exceeded my expectations.  Her collection was the perfect balance of feminine with a sexy edge.  Most of the looks were accessorized with velvet bows -- which were never cloying or frilly -- and fishnet stockings -- which were never too va-va-voom or racy -- and strappy sandals in velvet.  Makeup was dramatic (the most dramatic I've seen so far this season), as the models were given heavy, defined eyebrows and dark lids.  I appreciated the concept but the execution fell short because many of the girls (many of whom are still teens) looked pulled and plasticky, a la Heidi Montag.  The hair was delightful -- an elaborate updo topped with a velvet bow.  Until now, I only associated Ms. Lhuillier with beautiful bridal gowns, but now I am more than ready to change my tune and become a loyal follower.

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