Feb 24, 2011

Stylish and Pregnant!

Photo Credit Bauer-Griffin
If you're a fan of the Rachel Zoe Project like I am, you too are thrilled that the famed stylist and her husband Rodger Berman are finally expecting their first child. It was painful to watch her devoted hubby struggle to bring his celebrity wife down to reality and practically beg her to start focusing on starting a family. Zoe seemed in perpetual meltdown mode and a baby seemed like the furthest thing on her mind. I think we were all thinking, "cut this guy some slack! have a baby! you're not getting any younger and you've been together for 15 years!" Luckily the couple got pregnant and are now going to be super fashionable, super fabulous parents! I gotta say pregnancy suits Zoe. She needed some meat on her bones in a big way. She looks glowing, calm and honestly younger! Check out Zoe on her way to lunch in some seriously sky high stilettos boots. What an adorable prego lady! Congrats!

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