Jan 18, 2010

Will Chanel's Temporary Tattoos Be All The Rage This Spring?

I've always been a fan of temporary tattoos and it looks like that affinity has put me right ahead of the fashion curve. In the past I've looked for any opportunity to wear these not-so permanent accessories under the "being silly" guise or "it's for my Halloween costume" excuse, despite the beloved holiday being months away.

Tattoo-inspired body art has been seen all over the Spring 2010 runways and I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda excited by this out-there trend. I mean c'mon, if high fashion houses tell you it’s the new craze to embody next season, won't you gladly listen and follow!? Maybe not, but odder trends have caught on to mainstream fashion. Remember when bejeweled body art stickers was the it thing to wear? People couldn't leave the house for a night out without some fake crystal stickies that were strategically placed in the shape of a heart or star on your shoulder blade or arm. Not me, of course! I rose above that trend.

Rodarte and Jean Paul Gautier were among the fashion forward that featured the tats and body paint in their collections. It wasn't until Chanel models strutted down the catwalk emblazoned with the label's unique body-art vision, that the trend became supremely buzz-worthy.
The haute couture house adorned their clothes-hanger ladies with double layer bracelet and garter tattoos that resembled Chanel chic chains and jewelry. The occasional tat had the delicately dangling signature double C's, only making this whimsical beauty trend, a classically Chanel exclusive, impossibly stylish indulgence. The brand is now planning on selling this skin art for retail.

The package of five sheets with 55 designs total will be sold as Les Trompe L'Oeil de CHANEL Temporary Skin Art and based on the exact designs that creative director, Peter Philips used for the shows. Don't think you won't be paying Chanel prices though, you will. A set will set you back $75. Look out for these gorgeous yet over-the top body add-ons in mid February at select Chanel boutique locations.

I'm not so secretly hoping the trend will catch on, and some Chanel-inspired designs will pop up at a more affordable retailer. Or perhaps the trend will be as temporary as the tattoos themselves. Stay tuned!

Thanks to @StyleListSays for the info!
Chanel Photos Courtesy of AP and Chanel Courtesy Photos via Stylelist.com and thefrisky.com

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