Jan 10, 2010

Smell and Feel Like You're in Hawaii

There are some scents that remind you of places and things you always want to be surrounded by. The fragrance line by Kai evokes such a sentiment. The Hawaiian-island inspired aroma contains a heady blend of gardenia and exotic flowers yet has a clean, earthy, feminine undertone to it.

The delicate blend makes you feel like you just got a whiff, from the gentle warm breeze, of sweet smelling flowers after waking up with your ocean front view of paradise. Not a bad way to smell or feel, especially considering what most of us are seeing when we look out the window on these cold wintery days.

Kai products come in a few different, yet equally intoxicating forms. My favorites are the eau de parfum floral spritz, $72.00, (Jennifer Aniston is a huge fan), the Kai Body Buffer, $36.00, (which uses coconut and olive oil and other natural essences in a sponge to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin for 30 washes) and the Kai Skylight Candle, $44.00, (a slow burning candle that fills the room for hours with this delicious aroma).

Another fan favorite is the Kai Body Glow, $30.00. The dry oil mist is a naturally hydrating spritz that leaves your skin with a sexy glow. You'll look as sultry as you'll smell.

Try these and all the other amazing products Kai has to offer. You'll feel like you're on vacation while at work! Yay! Almost as good, right!?

Check out the www.thebeautymark.com to purchase Kai products.

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