Jan 6, 2010

Our Favorite Celebs Lookin OLD

(Photo: Splash News)

Ever wonder what Brangelina, Posh Spice or Brit Brit are gonna look like when they're old? Neither did I until I stumbled upon pictures of it on Stylelist today. Weird and creepy yet totally intriguing is what I was left feeling. Old does not look good on these people!

A forensic artist digitally aged pictures of these stars and more and factored in their lifestyle to determine what they'd look like in a decade. Who knows if this is really what they will end up looking like. Somehow, I can't picture Angie or Madge looking quite so crusty and bloated and if they do catch a glimpse of these photos, they're definitely going to make sure they do whatever they need to, to not look this way...ever! Enjoy!

Click here to read the article from Stylelist
and here to read the original article posted on the Daily Mail

1 comment:

  1. I'm just putting this out there - even all aged up, Angelina does not look so bad ...