Feb 28, 2010

TRESemme Lounge

The TRESemme Lounge provided dry styles for Fashion Week attendees in the tents. It was great to get my hair done by such amazing professionals. Hairstylist Tyler Laswell not only coiffed and curled my hair with expert precision but also created similar masterpieces on some serious Bryant Park VIP's; namely Ms. Fern Mallis.

The Fashion Week sponsor also gave away gift bags with the latest TRESemme products including some of their styling products and samples of their Naturals Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. The products smelled yummy and gave my hair body, bounce and texture.

The lounge was a fun place to relax and mingle. Live feeds of the fashion shows taking place in the tents were playing on a screen throughout the day and it was a great place to sit down, rest your feet and people watch. The stylists gave amazing hair tips and tricks and informed me about fab. new products. Laswell used a Hot Tools Jumbo 1" Marcel Curling Iron on my hair and I gotta say it gave me one of the best hair days I'd had in months. It's officially at the top of my wish list.

It was a great perk being able to get my hair done each day (which I took full advantage of) and I appreciated how sweet and friendly everyone in the lounge was. Here's hoping I can recreate Fashion Week hair every day! Thanks TRESemme!

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