Feb 23, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-3.1 Phillip Lim

The 3.1 Phillip Lim was truly an experience for me. The clothes, hair, makeup and atmosphere was mesmerizing. It was thrilling to get such a complete backstage experience, interviewing and watching the entire Phyto and Nars team and capturing all the chaos and beauty come together. Being fully immersed in the midst of it all and seeing the entire team prep. and preen the models as they gracefully sashayed out onto the runway right in front of me, was unforgettable. Lim is known for his gorgeous, laid back and supremely "cool" collections. This year's line was inspired by a disco-punk-rock lovin' hipster-kinda chic. The vibe of the clothes was ethereal, wispy and very dreamy. The pants all seemed to dance down the runway full of movement and airiness. What I love about Lim's clothes is that they create a character and back story and attitude just by the way they're shaped, draped or layered. There's such a "cool" chic swagger to his designs. The asymmetrical skirts, slouchy jackets, stunning trousers (in cream, amber and gold), fluttery outwear and whimsical sequins dresses were made for a carefree, "Devil May Care" kind of lady who is as savvy as she is Zen.

I'm thinking she's a fabulous rockstar's publicist (Fran Drescher circa This is Spinal Tap meets Agyness Deyn). She's all about the music, and loves clothes but never lets them wear her. She'll thrown on an ultra glamorous sequins gown or chic trousers but still take her bicycle to work . She's equally comfortable wearing a crystallized jumpsuit under a silk overlay with slits and negotiating deals at a fashionable club as she is wearing tapered harem pants, colorful booties and a oversize poncho to grab dinner. She's just cool. That's all there is to it. Too many tangents? I'm sorry, I was just kinda running with it and hoping you would too!
MAKEUP: Head Nars makeup artist, Lisa Butler, created the youthful, rebellious disco-punk look that exuded rock and roll edginess just like Debbie Harry did back in her Blondie days. Butler said the look was multi-layered, “The eyes are punchy and edgy while the skin was kept healthy and glowing. The lips are a soft, sheer pink for the elegant punk-rock princess style that Phillip was looking for.”.FACE: Butler's team used Riviera Multiple, Douceur Blush (new for Fall 2010 but similar to Lovejoy or Madly Blush) and Luxor Multiple to illuminate the skin. EYES: The makeup team dusted Abyssinia and Nymphea Single Eyeshadow over the lids and crease. The also brushed Coconut Grove Single Eyeshadow (not out till the Fall but similar to shade, Bali ) and finally lined the rim of the eyes withLondon Eyeliner Pencil. LIPS: Bangkok Pure Matte Lipstick (new for the Fall but similar to Sex Machine Velvet Matte Lip Pencil), a fairly natural pinkish color was used to add some subtle color to the pout.
NAILS: CND is the premiere nail polish brand for Fashion Week and beyond. The brand is not only a veteran at Bryant Park, but also the nail polish line that first brought their gorgeous colors to Fashion Week over twenty years ago. Nail artist Angi Wingle (such a doll), created a gorgeous uptown Blondie chic manicure by using Creamy Cameo, a milky peachy pink and pairing it with the shiny Gold Chrome for French pedicure tips on the toes.

: Key hairstylist Odile Gilbert used Phyto products to create the perfect homage to the blond rocker and recreate her rocking hair-do. The look was as wispy and airy as the clothing. Hair was made to look fluffy with a distinct middle part. Cascading curls were added for the models with longer hair and the volume was created by adding plenty of mousse and brushing the strands upside down, curling the hair and then brushing out the curl. For the longer hair styles, Gilbert's team used Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse to create dry texture. They then used a curling iron to make rounded curls but ran their fingers through the curls to create a fluffy, piecy look. Gilbert then sprayed PhytoVolume Actif (a volumizing spray) to the root and then blow dry it out to create added volume at the root. Gilbert finished off by adding Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray and Phytolaque Hair Spray. If any of the models had dry ends Gilbert added Phyto 7, a leave in conditioner to soften their strands and leave hair looking supple. To recreate this look at home, take a curling iron and invest in PhytoVolume Actif and Phyto Professional Workable Holding Spray to get optimum usage and recreate lasting looks. 

It was great to see Host/Model, Alexa Chung at the show. Her style and persona seems to epitomize the kind of girl Lim designs for. It was a total star struck moment, however, to see Andre Leon Talley backstage after the show to congratulate the designer. The Vogue editor-at-large is known for his dramatic presence and larger than life personality and he was every bit of both: Beyond statuesque, garrulous and full of wonderful joie de vivre. Watching him and Lim laugh and ham it up for photographers was a total "Fashion Week" moment, that I had envisioned and only hoped to see!

Check out my backstage pictures. Tons of photos of the Nars and Phyto team prepping the models and shots from during the show as the models were heading out onto the runway. I had such a unique vantage point and loved every minute of it! Enjoy!

Models getting their hair, makeup and nails done. Some of the products used are featured above.

The gorgeous CND manicure colors: Creamy Cameo and Chrome Gold The latest Nars colors available Fall 2010

The models, moments before they were heading out onto the runway

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  1. I LOVE Nars and Phyto is my favorite for hair products. Great coverage!!!