Feb 7, 2010

The Beauty Buff Reader Q & A-Smooth Skin

A Beauty Buff reader recently asked:

A friend of mine has the smoothest skin and mentioned she uses a pumice stone. Do you have information on pumice stones- where to find them, how to use them correctly, etc?

Thanks for the great question!

Pumice Stones are actually one of my favorite beauty tools. Although the porous light weight rock is more recognizable as the scrubber used during pedicures to get rid of dry, excess skin and calluses, it's actually an amazing exfoliating bar for the rest of your body. It can be used to help get rid of the rough and dry skin on your arms, knees, elbows and legs, all in the comfort of your own shower. Pumice stones were also used in Ancient Greek and Roman times to get rid of hair and people (like me) still use them today for that reason.

Pumice stones are incredibly useful for smoothing the skin and getting rid of the hair on my arms. To achieve extra super soft skin you'll need a few extra materials to truly go from Alligator scales to velvety smooth skin. In addition to the pumice stone, which can be found at any drugstore, you'll need a separate exfoliator for the skin and baby oil to moisturize after.

Step One:

While in the shower, use a soap or body wash to cleanse the skin. It's important to allow your skin to absorb the warm to luke warm water (too hot aqua dries out your skin) for a few minutes before you use the pumice.

Step Two:

Take the pumice stone and apply it to your skin in gentle circular motions. After using the volcanic rock on a daily basis for a few weeks, you'll start to see the hair become thinner and eventually come off. The pumice is getting rid of the hair on your body in the same way that sand paper removes hair and smoothes out skin.

Step Three:

Exfoliate your skin on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. When smoothing out the skin on my arms, I use the pumice stone, exfoliate and wash that off after a few minutes. I instantly feel how much smoother my arms feel. My absolute favorite exfoliator is Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish. The all natural (paraben, sulfate, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc.) Japanese body buff
helps maximize the effectiveness of your skin care routine. Rice bran and walnut shell powder sloughs away dead skin while glycerin and camphor moisturizes the skin.

Step Four:

Immediately after you get out of the shower apply baby oil to your skin. The gentle skin softener locks in moisture ten times more when on wet skin than a regular lotion can on dry skin. It's cheap, really works and makes your skin feel soft and amazing! After using the oil, you can use regular moisturizer in addition if you need to. Chances are the baby oil will moisturize your skin effectively and you'll have an easy way to soften your skin.

After using the pumice stone, exfoliator and baby oil on your arms and legs, notice how smooth and glowing the look and feel. I hope these tips help! Enjoy your amazing new skin!

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