Feb 16, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Inside the Tents

As many of you know, since I've made it glaringly obvious, this has been my first venture into Fashion Week territory. It's been wonderful to see such finely crafted pieces of work walk down the runways and see the people that are creating this art, as well as meeting all the other folks (hair, makeup, event staff, set crew, etc) that make this whole week possible. I've never been surrounded by more people who feel so passionate about this industry and the eccentric personalities and styles of those who flock to Bryant Park each year is a spectacle in itself. I've seen how much work, time, organization and labor goes into making each show and surrounding event possible.

I'm also more than grateful that I have been able to see the shows at their iconic Bryant Park setting for the last time. To fashion insiders and novices alike, Bryant Park has become synonymous with fashion. The tents have gone up and down twice a year for the past seventeen years and next Fall marks the first time designers will show their clothes off at another New York landmark, The Lincoln Center.

Here are some of my pictures that I hope help capture what my experience inside the tents was really about:

Inside the tent

Outside, in Bryant Park
Some of the booths set up in the tent
What the main tent looked like from the outside

The live twitter feeds from the Amex Lounge
Photogs and media types

More booths set up with sometimes cool freebies
Display setup next to monitors with feeds of the fashion shows happening inside

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