Jun 9, 2011

Tube Time: The Most Popular Lipsticks of 2011

You probably have a go-to lipstick right? I personally don't but then again I have beauty ADD and can't settle on anything when it comes to products. Have you noticed that lipstick-wearing is on the rise? A shiny tube of color isn't reserved for special occasions anymore. It's certainly still totally glamorous to wear perfect red lips, black liner and your best Mad Men outfit with pearls, of course, but today everybody seems to be rocking bright, punchy colors for a day or night look. Lipsticks are way more versatile and have become more creamy, wearable and moisturizing. The consistencies range from sheer, stained, matte and glossy which make them more appealing to the strictly gloss-wearing consumers of the past. These new characteristics have lured scores of younger customers who in the past stayed away from the overly matte, overly done-up look of lipstick. Now a celeb can't be seen on the red carpet without a perfectly filled-in pout and red isn't just reserved for the winter. A splash of cherry, crimson or coral-rouge can consistently be seen on your fave starlets.

So with all the choices out there, which tubes have been ruling the roost so far? According to the NPD Group, (think Billboard Top 100 for beauty) MAC grabbed the top-earning spot. Having a mega-superstar (Lady Gaga) as your spokesperson probably doesn't hurt. Gaga did look pretty fierce at the recent CFDA Awards with crimson lips and heavy black brows with of course a blue wig. The woman knows how to do color.

Featured in an article from Stylelist.com, the rest of the top five tubes include Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinque, and Chanel. No big surprises there. NPD Group VP, Karen Grant explained that people love to play with products and color despite the recession. "Coming out of the recession, it seems that the consumers' thirst for color and play was reawakened. In 2010, we saw the preference for rich as well as retro colors and in 2011 we are seeing new neutrals come to the fore. As the fashion industry increasingly features bold as well as understated lip statements on the runway and in advertisements, lip color appears to be getting its groove back."

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