Jun 16, 2011

Father's Day Gift Ideas From Forgetful Gentleman

Father's Day is around the corner. Have you thought about the perfect way to tell you dad how much you love him and appreciate those little "gifts" he generously drops in your bank account?
Getting a gift for your dad can be tough. The stuff he wants he usually gets on his own. You want to get him something he doesn't even know he needs. You want to wow and impress him with a creative idea that's a little out of the ordinary.

Your dad is a total class act and therefore needs a gift to reflect the gentleman that he is. Enter Forgetful Gentleman a company that provides stationary and related-leather accessories for their stylish and style-conscious customers. The company is all about bringing attention to the philosophy, mentality and lifestyle of a true gentleman. Think Barney Stinson without the slutty dating life. 

A real gentleman keeps it a little old school. Instead of crafting a generic, impersonal email, a gentleman takes a more sophisticated approach to written correspondence by crafting a hand written note. Old School. A gentleman has impeccable stationary that reflects the man he is and wants to be perceived as.    

Forgetful Gentleman offers elegant stationary with letterpress and linen designs. Stationary sets include notes for important events and occasions including a Happy Birthday card, a Congratulations card and a Thank You card. Other stationary options include personally engraved cards, hand-lined envelopes and notebooks. 

Gift your dad or the man in your life with these classic stationary designs. You know he's unique and stylish and now everyone else will too. 

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