Jun 5, 2011

A Foot Friendly Backup Plan

June marks the beginning of summer in my mind and with summer comes a myriad of social engagements. I tend to hibernate during the winter and certainly dress for warmth rather than style, but when the weather heats up, activities abound and I love getting dressed up for every occasion. 

My gorgeous Gibson Suede Lace-Up Platform heels by J.Crew are the perfect spring to summer shoe choice because they're versatile and have a modern yet retro feel to them. I also love the thick platform heel, which in theory make these shoes wearable during a night out. Unfortunately, the straps on these little gems dig into my feet and make me wince in pain by the end of the night. 

Without having to forego style or comfort, I found a happy medium solution: bring a backup plan. I've been wearing my adorable feet candy till my toes can't take it anymore and then doing a little switcharoo into my new favorite find: kushyfoot. Yup, I've been giving my feet a little time off during the night by changing into these super soft, flexible flats-to-go. The flats fit into practically any purse and have an elastic back for better fit. They can fold up tightly and neatly and come with a cute plastic carrier with its own handles. 

How often have you had to walk from one bar or party to another during an evening? Unless you're wearing Easy Spirits, you're heels make you feel like you're walking on glass. So pleasant. So, these portable feet healers are a great alternative. Slip them on while you're on the go and then covertly change back into your amazingly sexy, fabulous stilettos. 

Don't let your feet suffer any longer ladies! 

*The Beauty Buff received this product by a PR company to test and review. This post reflects the opinion of this blogger.

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