Jul 19, 2010

Summer Skin Essentials: Portable & Natural Palettes

Portable makeup is essential in the summer. The chances of it all gooping off your face at some point during the day (even on your 10 minute morning coffee run) are high and therefore touch-ups are essential. Looking impossibly fresh and natural is another way to successfully achieve summer makeup. Letting your skin breath a little is a nice little present to it (even if it's just reserved for during the day). I recently saw a woman who had a full face of makeup (and not the right shade) pancaked on. She had coated her features in unflattering (night-only appropriate) shades and seemed intent on having ever crevice covered in cosmetics: full lip liner, deep burgundy lipstick, eyelid to brow eye shadow (in a dark, sparkly hue) and harsh, heavy black liner. This sighting was at 10 AM on a Tuesday morning and I was embarrassed for her.


Instead of taking the Lady Gaga approach to day time makeup, opt for more neutral, earthy shades that'll draw attention to your natural sun-kissed skin; because summer is all about skin.


I've been loving the pocket-size palette, the supernatural coloring book by philosophy. The iPhone-sized makeup book fits neatly into my  purse and contains a variety of lip, cheek and eye shades with a convenient built-in mirror. It's great for throwing together a super natural face while on the run. The palette contains a cream and powder blush, a bronzing powder, two lip glosses and two flattering eye shadow shades. I adore the powder blush in true. It gives the perfect flushed, just got back from a run color to your face. The shadows work on me as perfect base shades but on lighter skin could add great brightening contour to the eyes. By adding eyeliner and a swipe of mascara, I look pulled together and not overdone for a day in the office.


Philosophy is a great brand known for their delicious, wildly popular bath and shower gels and skin treatments. Their makeup line provides the skin with the same radiance and care. If you're a fan of their palette format but want super girlie pinks try their color of grace book which includes pinkie shades for the face. Or if a flushed cheek is the key to your makeup regime, test out their cream blush line, the supernatural-lit from within healthy cream blush. I've been using shade warm all over as a highlighter on my eyes and love how natural and sheer it looks.


So keep your gorgeous skin the focus this summer and let your makeup highlight your all-natural assets. Don't worry though, your evenings out can be exclusively reserved for experimenting with dramatically wild shades and looks.

 Shop at philosophy.com now thru July 23rd and get $10 off any $50 purchase by entering promo code 10off50 at checkout. Stock up on all your favorites and save some cash peeps!


  1. Very essential palette as the colors of color should be natural and subdued.Very dark and exotic colors look very unpleasant.

  2. Depends on the skintone and look someone is going for but natural colors are universally flattering! thanks for the comments. Let me know if there's anything else you want to see on here! Thanks!