Jul 8, 2010

Beauty By The Beauty Buff

Since I'm the authority on all things beauty, I had to share a few pictures I took from a really beautiful, special weekend and place: the Boston Harbor for Independence Day. Happy Birthday America!

This is my version of beauty, what's yours? Did you go anywhere beautiful recently? I want to know! Share with us! Beauty is certainly about the way you feel in your surroundings and being in a place that makes life feel a little more beautiful. The colors in this setting were remarkable and it honestly felt as though someone was painting the sky brilliant shades or pink, orange, blue, purple, mauve, and shocking pink, right in front of me as each minute passed. There was an electricity in the air and it can only be explained by the vividness and magic of the sky. To top it off, the night ended with an explosion of colors, textures and breathtaking scenery, which only made the evening more magical. The Beauty Buff is Lady GAGA over gorgeous colors and it was a truly beautiful night because I was surrounded by a myriad of ever-changing rainbow color explosions.

It was a beautiful way to spend a special evening! Happy 4th and happy summer people!

Pictures by Avantika Wagle

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