Jul 30, 2010

A First Date Necessity (Don't Leave Home Without It)

If your summer activities include lots of BBQ's, food and drink merriment, and socializing in close proximity to others at bars, you're gonna need to Wisp. If you find yourself checking your breath out in public, you're gonna need to Wisp and finally, if that stick of gum isn't getting rid of your cheesy nacho-margarita breath, you're gonna need to Wisp.


Colgate Wisp (4-pack, $2.49) is a portable mini-toothbrush on one end and soft toothpick-like pick on the other. Umm.. Genius! More importantly, these single-use brushes don't require water or rinsing and freshen your breath as you brush, by releasing a safe to swallow minty liquid bead.


I know Jessica Simpson says she doesn't like how her regularly brushed teeth feel, but here on planet Earth, most people ENJOY the feeling of clean teeth! I do and lets be honest there are definitely times when a mint just doesn't cut it. I'm sure you can think of a few instances when a having a toothbrush handy is very needed and very necessary!


I, however, love it because I'm always looking for ways to avoid exposing my dragon breath to others and remove the ever-present giant wad of spinach (ok more likely a huge hamburger) in between my teeth while out in public. Pleasant, right?


Seriously though, I love having something on-the-go that freshens my breath and discreetly cleans between my teeth and gums. Disclaimer: I'm not saying  you should whip this out at the end of dinner in the middle of a restaurant! I'm just saying it's itty-bitty! Throw it in your purse! Go to the ladies room or a dark corner!


So enjoy having free reign to scarf down those onion rings on your first date! You have Wisp to bail you out of trouble!


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