May 19, 2010

Beauty On The Run With The Beauty Buff-Airbrush Makeup With Luminess Air!

At Fashion Week this year I attended Project Runway alum, Althea Harper's show for her début line. The show was fantastic and as a beauty blogger, I was especially blown away by how ethereal, and flawless the models' skin looked. I spoke to makeup pro, Kristen Arnett who filled me in on how they achieved their gorgeous glow and seemingly perfect skin. The look was android chic and the makeup contrasted deep, blood black lips with creamy pale skin using the airbrush system, Luminess Air. Airbrush makeup was previously reserved just for makeup artists (who had the professional service in the repertoire) to do for special occasions like weddings and wasn't very accessible for people at home. Then all of a sudden, brands caught on that people wanted to achieve an airbrushed look themselves in a way that was easy and relatively affordable. Brands like Luminess Air and Temptu came out with their own systems that people could purchase and use in the comfort of their own homes.

I'm a huge fan of airbrush makeup and was thrilled when I found out I'd be able to try out a Luminess Air system for myself. I was amazed at how compact the entire kit was and how quick it took to actually use the system and for that Luminess Air gets my Beauty on the Run With The Beauty Buff seal of approval! The entire kits fits into an adorable metallic carrying case and comes with a wide range of foundation colors to suit every skin tone. There's an instructional DVD (very needed) included and online video tutorials to help you get started and once you become familiar with how to use the tools-namely the actual airbrush pen, the set up and execution takes about five minutes. That's how long it takes for me to find my foundation in my makeup bag half the time! Once you get comfortable, the entire process (set up, use and cleaning it) takes 7-10 minutes total! Seriously this is a no brainer!

Some of you are probably wondering what the big hype is over this stuff. Well first of all, you just look someone has given you a department store makeover. Your skin looks smooth all over and creamy. Not bad, right?

Airbrush makeup is used for television and film all the time because regular makeup tends to look harsh under the dramatic lighting and with the power of HDTV, every line, wrinkle and streak from makeup is apparent. Airbrush makeup is key to looking flawless on camera and never looks 'caked on'. The makeup feels light but is highly pigmented and fills into your pores to create the seamless look.

There are two types of foundations you can try, one is a more dewy, moist looking formula which I tried out when demonstrating-the Satin Series Foundation, the other is more matte and has a drier finish-Matte Series Foundation. Not only did I try out the Satin Foundation but I also added added a highlighter onto the skin to get a extra glowy lit from within look. 

Here's how it works and why you need to get one for yourself: After laying out all the foundations in a line and taking out the kit and airbrush pen, you'll start to test which foundation color matches your skin best and pick one you think works best. I was excited by the range of colors they offered and the best part was the option to mix and match them together.

 How to use it: Add a few drops of makeup in the stylus of the airbrush pen. On a clean, dry, face press the airbrush pen button to apply a light first layer of foundation. Pull the trigger on the airbrush pen to distribute the foundation and move the pen around in a circular motion so that you're evenly distributing the makeup. Add as many layers on as you want until you get the look you're going for and get the amount of coverage you need. After your done, all you need is a few drops of water and a q-tip to clean out the pen. It does take a while to get the hang of how to use the entire kit and keeping the pen at a distance is important to prevent blotching on the skin. I definitely had to try a few times to make sure I was using the proper circular motion so the foundation wasn't just being distributed to one spot. The circular motion and distance keep the makeup looking light and even. 

After you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy a light, beautiful layer of airbrushed on makeup! Thanks Luminess Air! 

Note: There are three different systems you can purchase. The basic system has one speed and is best for foundation and blush ($169.00), the professional unit has 3 speeds and is great for the aforementioned as well as eye shadows (($269.00) and the platinum unit, which can be converted into a tanning unit ($369.00).

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