May 26, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Beauty Secrets Revealed!

Sex and the City 2 opens in theaters tomorrow people, but you probably already knew that! The ladies looked guh-orgeous at the NYC premiere and I'm not gonna lie, I'm incredibly excited to see my favorite New Yorkers on the big screen again. If you're like me, you've watched every episode of every season about 100 different times each and yet never get sick of the ladies or the show.

So if you're planning on imbibing some delicious Cosmos in their honor, wearing your sexiest heels of course (whether it be Manolos, Jimmy Choos or Payless brand) and want to take it a step further by recreating some of their fab on screen looks I couldn't blame you! In fact, I have the skinny on some of the products used to doll up SJP and Co. straight from the SATC2 makeup artists' beauty arsenal.

Carrie always has the most perfectly piercing smoky eye stare but our favorite fashionista also has the most beautiful Cupid-Bow lips around. The SATC2 makeup team used Stila Lip Enamal Luxe Gloss to emphasize Sarah Jessica Parker's perfect pout. The rich gloss is super conditioning and comes in six shades that have tons of antioxidents and essential oils. The shades include: Joy, Happiness, Giggle, Nirvana, Euphoria and Ecstasy. Price: $22, Available at

Samantha (aka Kim Cattrall) loves her revealing clothing and the makeup team wanted to plump up and rejuvenate the actress's skin to help her look refreshed, sexy and camera-ready at all times. The team used RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Body Lotion. The supreme cream contains a body-specific concentration of Nobel Prize-winning, patented EGF and FGF ingredients, plus a touch of glycolic acid that works together to help retexturize the skin and protect it against free radicals. Price: $185, available at

 To help Cynthia Nixon achieve Miranda’s rosy glow, the makeup team washed By Terry Rose de Rose Sheer Liquid Blush all over her cheeks. The highlighting color warmed the skin, made her complexion flushed and glowing and smoothed out her pores. By Terry is a great brand and I'm told the soft-wear micro-gel liquid texture is easy to blend so I'm excited to add this to my must-have beauty buy list. Price: $52, available at Barneys

To re-create Charlotte's innocent look, the makeup team applied theBalm Stainiac on the apples of her cheeks. The stain is the perfect pop of color and great for the lips and cheeks for a sheer wash. Layer the stain on the skin for a flushed look with added intensity if you're feeling dramatic. Best of all, the color won't stain right away like some other tints so it won't streak or look splotchy on. Price: $15, Available at Sephora an

P.S. Check out my photo of iconic Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field at the Victor dE Souza show I attended last February for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! I was so thrilled to meet her!

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