Oct 5, 2011

Get Your Flu Shots!

Hey friends!

October means fall is fully underway. WEIRD. It was a hot, sticky summer day just a second ago.

Although you're probably focusing all your attention on creating your most fabulous fall wardrobe and scheming on the perfect Halloween costume, you might also want to get a seasonal health plan in place as well. Tis the season for sniffling, coughing and the flu.

Don't forget to schedule a flu shot with your doctor or at your local clinic or pharmacy. If your employer offers them at work, even better! It's so important to get them and not overly analyze whether or not they actually work. Trust me, in the past, I've had a pretty spotty record of getting them but always felt better when I did.

The fact of the matter is these shots do really prevent the flu which really is the name of the game.

So, take some time to schedule a flu shot and keep you and those around you healthy. You're office will thank you!

Most importantly, if you're in close contact with a newborn or new parent or the family of a newborn, it's crucial you get a flu shot. Newborns are too young to get flu shots for themselves and catching the flu from someone around them can actually be extremely dangerous for their health, even fatal. So don't hesitate to get shot!

As a new aunt, I'm extra paranoid, but it does remind me how important it is to provide the babies and people around us with a safe and healthy environment-as much as is in our control.

So, I hope you all stay healthy this season and avoid the flu and everything nasty that goes along with it.

Happy fall!

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