Jan 23, 2011

Famous Starlets Who Shaved Their Faces

Photo: Esquire Magazine, 1965 from Style.com
I first heard a women other than Rupaul shaving her face when Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo admitted on television that she did it on a regular basis. Now comes news that Manzo was far from alone in this practice. In fact, two of Hollywood's most famous female faces also used to shave. So is this like a thing? Manzo explained it was a great way to exfoliate her skin, which I get, but the idea of a female lathering on shaving cream all over her face and shaving it off just like a man would, isn't too appealing.

So, which mystery starlets took to shaving their famous mugs in the name of exfoliation? None other than Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Style.com spoke to celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville who is on good authority (from Taylor's personal cosmetic dermatologist, whom Somerville used to assist) that these iconic sex symbols shaved their faces for completely bare skin and an extra does of exfoliation. Teen Wolf alert! Not according to Somerville actually. She says that "it's a total myth" that hair will grow in darker and thicker. In fact, Somerville is a big fan of using the popular men's razor, Gillette's Mach 3 and encourages us gals to ask our significant others to get a two-pack the next time they're at the drugstore. Ok, maybe this does work-they both were stunningly beautiful with gorgeous skin-but even the mere thought of a five o'clock shadow and the idea of sharing razors with our dudes is enough to keep me away.

Photo: Associate Press from Huffington Post

So what do you think? Would you try this rather masculine but seemingly effective beauty trick?

Information from Huffington Post

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