Jan 9, 2011

Benefit Brow Bar-A Big Brow Mess!

As a beauty blogger, I do consider it my duty to share noteworthy beauty-related tidbits. I'm happy when I get to share a great product, service or piece of news that will surely benefit others.  With that said, I must also report the negative.

A few months ago I stopped in to Macy's in Downtown Crossing (Boston) to visit the Benefit Brow Bar. I have been looking for a reliable place to get my eyebrows done and thought Benefit would be a good place to test out. I was wrong. First someone greeted me and under the pretense of wanting to give customers a free "makeover" applied products and then proceeded to try hawk their products. I like Benefit products a lot. I think its a great brand, but when I'm there to get my eyebrows done I don't want someone to push products on me. Then I met with the waxer, Seana, who ended up being one of the rudest people ever! I was shocked. She was incredibly condescending and unpleasant. She also was using curse words when she spoke which is beyond unprofessional. To top it all off, she waxed off too much from the end of my eyebrow. When I looked at the eyebrow and commented it was too short, she insisted that's what my eyebrows looked like to begin with. The nerve! She took off a chunk of my eyebrow and wouldn't even own up to it! I was appalled by her attitude, lack of manners and basic customer service. I will say one of my eyebrows looked good, but the other was short and uneven. Unacceptable. These brows aren't cheap either: $20 a pop. I was upset but I did explain the situation to the manager who was very sweet and comped the entire service.

I should have learned my lesson and made that my last trip. Alas, I made my way back to the brow bar a few weeks ago. This time I had a very sweet waxer who was polite and very professional. I asked for my eyebrows to be cleaned up and polished. I specifically said I did not want too thin brows. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. The very sweet Ashley, waxed away and when she was done had made my left eyebrow half its original size. Ugh! I told her it was too thin (it looked like a thin penciled in line) and she was incredibly apologetic. I appreciated that, since the last time my brow was overly waxed I was practically yelled at. Ashley very politely asked me if I wanted my other eyebrow to match which I politely declined. She actually did a really nice job with the right eye brow but I was once again left the Benefit Brow Bar with two uneven brows. Go once, shame on them, go back again, shame on me!

So if you've gone to your local Benefit Brow Bar and had a good waxing experience-bravo! If you haven't tried it but are looking to get your eyebrows done and contemplated visiting them, I say no! Stay away! Their track record just doesn't cut it. Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face and you simply can not have them looking sloppy and uneven. Especially when your paying a nice hefty sum each trip.

Let me know if you've had a positive experience there or recommend somewhere else to go! My eyebrows thank you in advance. I hope I've saved someone from a negative beauty buff experience and I hope the Benefit Brow Bar gets their act together!

Salutations Friends!

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