Dec 9, 2010

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas-Oprah's Hope In a Jar

For many people Oprah Winfrey is a religion and way of life. What Oprah recommends to read, buy, and wear, they do. I might not be that fanatical but I definitely trust her taste and value her opinion. As I watched her "Ultimate Favorite Things" episode I couldn't help being a tad/ton jealous. Wow those people walked away with a lot of loot! A CAR for Pete's sake! I was also intrigued by all her favorite things.   

My beauty radar went into overdrive when Ms. Winfrey started talking about the "hands down the best moisturizer I've ever used". Oprah can use any moisturizer in the WORLD! She could grind up diamonds every day and smooth them over her face if she wanted to! Sounds painful but somehow still plausible. She doesn't do that because she's not a crazy person but she does indulge in philosophy's Hope in a Jar moisturizer and considers it her all time favorite moisturizer. 

Seems like philosophy loves their famous fan as much as she loves them. In honor of Miss O, philosophy has created a commerative, limited-edition Hope in a Jar moisturizer featuring their favorite gal pre-world-dominating media mogul days in her little school girl pig tails on the box. So cute and such a great gift giving idea!

This holiday season wrap up a cutie-sized box of this cult-classic moisturizer and pop it under the tree or in your loved one's stocking. The special jars are available on, and in Sephora stores in three sizes: 2 oz ($38), 4 oz ($60) and 8 oz ($105)

Lucky for you, if you order from today thru December 13th you'll get 30% off your entire order by using promo code: holidaysparkle. Uh yeah that's a good deal!
So get your beauty-lovers an Oprah-approved moisturizer must-have this season! Enjoy lovelies!

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