Dec 20, 2010

Genius Lipstick Tips!

InStyle always seems to have the answers to everything-beauty related. These people know their stuff. I recently came across some beauty tips that I had to share. Under 7 Genius Lipstick Tricks, their genius editors dished on ways to find the perfect shade of pink lipstick and more.

-In order to find your perfect shade of pink, InStyle advises us to just smile and find out! Your perfect shade is about the same color as your gums-no lighter. Ummm GENIUS! How often have you tried to find an everyday color that you can where everywhere and at anytime!? My gums seem to be a dusty rose pink. Go figure.

-To keep your lipstick lasting longer on, InStyle recommends filling your entire lip with a neutral-hued lip pencil first and then applying lipstick. To help the liner from spreading more consistently, they advise rolling the tip in the palm of your hand to warm it up and prevent hard lines.

-To instantly warm any color, InStyle says to swipe on some sheer golden gloss on after applying lipstick.

-For a well-defined pout without using liner they recommend putting a dab of concealer in between the groove at the top of your upper lip and blend well.

-To neutralize lipstick and create the perfect nude shade, editors recommend starting with a pale pink lipstick shade and then dusting translucent powder over for a matte effect.

-To really play up a lip shade and get it to look like it does in the tube, InStyle advises using foundation on our lips to prime and then swiping the color over. The foundation acts as a bare canvas and the lipstick shade will look as brilliant and deep as it does in its packaging.

-To prevent fading, blott your lips, reapply and then blott again. This gets rid of excess oils that prevent durability. They recommend lint-free blotting paper rather than a tissue for a more long-lasting, rich yet natural look.

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  1. My roommate just taught me about the lip liner trick... Great tips!