Nov 9, 2010

The Queen of Curl to the Rescue

I've always considered my hair type to be frizzy; Frizzy with a dash of wavy/curl, when it's behaving that is. Much effort is needed to get it looking presentable. Like so many others, all I want is to have totally luscious waves that cascade and fall around my shoulders in an effortless, sexy-kinda way instead of my usual frizzy poof with the always unfortunately-placed cowlick. Is that too much to ask? Until now, it was. However, the tides have changed!
I was recently introduced to Ouidad, a hair care line (named after its creator) that's exclusively for hair with curls, waves and kinks. Ouidad, known as the "Queen of Curl" is an internationally known stylist who is a pioneer in the curly hair industry. 25 years ago she opened the first salon in the country to cater exclusively to curly hair and since then created her award-winning curly hair care line. Although I wasn't able to visit Ouidad's New York City salon, but I was lucky enough to test out a lot of the products and was more than impressed. After trying the curl-conscious products out in the summer and the fall, it's clear that this is the type of line you need for any and all seasons. In the summer, the products protected my hair from the humidity and kept my poofiness at bay while bringing out the volume, definition and contained waves I was after. More recently as the weather drastically changes and I'm trying to get some height back in my hair, the volumizing products add depth to my curls while still protecting my hair from the nasty cold rain/drowned-rat look I inevitably encounter in the fall/winter.
I can not speak more highly of this line. After consistently using their hair, styling and finishing products I can actually see a difference in how my hair looks and feels. The styling products don't make my locks feel crunchy or heavy and I can run my fingers through them without encountering product roadblocks and buildup. My waves also look pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  
Ouidad gets my Beauty Buff seal of approval because the line caters to different hair types (for thin, thick, cork-screw, colored, etc) and different hair needs (dry, damaged, frizzy, etc.). The products not only tame existing curls but enhance and define hair that has a beautiful wave or curl hidden deep within and brings out the movie-star waves you've been waiting to debut.
If you wear your hair anything other than straight all the time you MUST try this line out immediately! Luckily the products come in travel sizes so you can get a few and see what they're all about.
If you're a first time user start by checking out these products-
Shampoo: Clear & Gentle (Essential Daily Shampoo) for normal or chemically treated curls or for thinner curls or wavier hair try the PlayCurl (Volumizing Shampoo)-my personal favorite.
Conditioner: Balancing Rinse (Essential Daily Conditioner) an Allure Best of Beauty Winner or PlayCurl (Volumizing Conditioner). Also an absolute must: the Botanical Boost (Moisture Infusing & Refreshing Spray) which will revive and re-spring your curls, preserve moisture to prevent frizz and lock-in hydration.
Styling: Climate Control (Heat & Humidity Gel) an award-winning fan favorite that controls frizz in all climates and works with humidity so hair stays in place and curls stay defined. LOVE this product!
Finishing: Clear Control (Pomade) is a water-soluble gel that hold curls and gives them definition. I love all the finishing products including the Shine Glaze (Serum) and Styling Mist (Setting & Holding Spray) so you really can't go wrong. The Clear Control is, however, a great introduction to the finishing line.

If you're unsure which products to choose from let Sephora do the work for you. Try the Curl Essentials Starter Kit, Expert Curl Kit or Expert Solutions for Perfect Waves and Curls Kit, all containing best-selling products available at your favorite beauty super store. You can also find their travel bottles here too.

Enjoy my Curly Sues! 

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  1. Thanks for another great, informative post! We're happy to hear we get your Beauty Bluff seal of approval, it means a lot.

    Katie for Ouidad