Oct 4, 2010

Spring 2011 Fashion Week-Diego Binetti Nail Trends

Nail trends are more popular than ever before. From Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, nail designs are becoming synonymous with high fashion and you can pretty much see anything on nails these days (remember Lindsay Lohan's FU nail design on her very bitten very scrappy looking-court appearance nails? )
CND Nails are the experts on nail beauty (they started the insanely popular Shellac manicure and have been in the business for over 20 years). They were on hand at the Diego Binetti show to create some seriously blingy nails. A new trend? Perhaps. 
Binetti's collection heightened nails from accessories to fine jewelry fit for royalty. Nails were adorned with cocktail rings in three categories: The Pearl Series, Cartier Gold and The Flower Series. Nail Artist Roxanne Valinoti created nail designs with fabric and trimmings that reflected clothes straight from the collection. Perfectly Bare Shimmer from CND's limited edition Spring Colour & Effect duo was layered on for dimension and used alone on toes. If you love a polished nail (and who doesn't) stay tuned for all their fashion week nail trends. The team worked on 21 different shows!
Photos courtesy of REDPR


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  1. I love the accessories, in particular. I recognize them as being part of Perez Sanz collection. His store is located right around the block from me on 20 E 69th Street in NYC. It's the best store to come to my block, I love his unique jewelry and handbags!