Oct 12, 2010

Get Tatted By Urban Decay This Halloween

Conjuring up the perfect Halloween costume!? If it's an outfit that involves tattoo's check out Urban Decay's temporary tattoo collection.
Last January I discussed how fake tats were the latest beauty trend hitting the runways at haute couture houses like Chanel. Somehow Chanel even managed to make their fake tats look luxe and classy.
Urban Decay might be a little more in your budget (Chanel tats are $75/a set) and a little more fitting for your Halloween needs. Even if you're unsure what you're gonna be for the big day, perhaps this will help get the inspiration ball rolling. 
I'm totally ok with it if you poach my brilliant Halloween costume from a few years back: Kat Von D. Big Hit PEOPLE! BIG HIT! I got to wear head to toe pleather, wear a bra over my fake tattooed looking skin shirt (classy) and cover half of my face with smudgy liner that looked like tattooed stars. I myself love temporary tats (never quite got over that childhood phase in my life) and relished in the opportunity to adorn my neck with the biggest most badass bird type thing. Yup-fake tats and Halloween are fun!






  1. You're beautiful... but this is really frightening!

  2. Thanks! I know I looked very scary but I do love fake tats!