Jun 3, 2010

My Kinda Reality Show! "MTV Hired" featuring theBalm Cosmetics

Hey Beauty Buffs!

So MTV scheduling sometimes leave something to be desired for. Am I right!? Yes, I too am a sucker for junkie reality shows but no I don't care about awkward kinda lamo affluent teens and their "dope" homes (Teen Cribs) and definitely don't care about the 30th  or 31st season of the Real World/Road Rules (is that show still on?) Challenge, Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat 2, Gauntlet or whatever it is. It all equals boring television and boring whiny people to me.

For me, MTV's meat and potatoes are a) their music videos (remember those?) and b) their inspirational reality shows featuring interesting and relatable people. No, I'm not talking about shows like Date My Mom or Dismissed I'm referring to shows like True Life (a truly fantastic series), Made (when it's not the usual girlie girl cheerleader wanting to be "made" into a BMX biker or snowboarder just to impress some dude) and MTV's latest reality show, MTV Hired.

This timely and socially relevant series discusses the daunting task recent graduates face trying to navigate the job market today. I love this show because I personally can understand what they're going through. It follows the lives of a few young people interviewing and preparing for their dream jobs and gives you an insider look at how the interviews go from both the candidate and employer's perspective. I think we all know the dreaded interview process and waiting game of finding out whether you landed the gig all too well.
Tonight's episode (airing at 6:30 pm) is definitely one I'm looking forward to.  For my fellow beauty lovers this episode, featuring theBalm Cosmetics and its CEO/Founder, Marissa Shipman, will definitely hit the spot. The episode follows three final applicants vying for an office assistant position at the cult-favorite beauty brand. The applicants each have to pitch new product ideas to the staff and while some impress, others shock the staff with their pitches. Ooh juicy-love it! I myself have plenty of product ideas-that I'm storing in my beauty vault; Only to be revealed when I launch my eponymous beauty line. Ha! No big announcements here, just a few pipe dreams!

Anyway, check out the episode and series. I recently saw an episode featuring shoe guru, Steve Madden, who was looking to hire someone to join his fashionable team and I gotta say, the episode was super duper enjoyable and more than anything-relatable! Aren't we all looking to land our dream jobs!? Uh YES!

Enjoy peeps and let me know what you think of theBalm Cosmetics and this new reality series!

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