Mar 14, 2010

Lakmé India Fashion Week-Shyamal and Bhumika

It’s no surprise that bright and bold colors were in style at LAKMÉ India Fashion Week for the Summer/Resort 2010 season. Everyone wants to look bright and cheery in their stylish vacation wear. One of the most evident displays of that was seen at the Shyamal and Bhumika collection. The design team recreated the Festival of Colors, Holi, in their punchy line. For those unfamiliar, Holi is the festival of color and spirit. Revelers wear clothes ready to get splattered and then engage in a “Holi War” with friends and family using a fantastically pigmented powdered dye mixed with water as their weapon. At the end of the day participants are drenched in a pinwheel of colors encompassing every inch of their clothes revealed skin.

The gorgeous gowns, maxi dresses, sunny tops, tiny bikinis, micro shorts and tunics were all blitzed with a kaleidoscope of color. A cocktail of colors created quite the summery scene: grape, flame, fuschia, black and bright acid tones of citrus were seen in cotton, satin, georgette and crepe fabrics.

The models wore tightly pulled back, voluminious bouffants that brought attention to their rainbow smeared faces. I particularly loved asymmetrical dress that had paint speckled colors and a flattering neckline. It was a joy to see a show with such spirit and color!


  1. this is a really cool design team...
    love the colours...
    thanks for the info about the Holi..
    wish you a nice time in India !!!

  2. Crazy colors!! Not so great cuts....but I love the colors.

  3. Thanks Maria! Holi is so fun! Im glad you got to see a glimpse of it!