Mar 30, 2010

Beauty Buff Find: Glittery Goodness in Genius Packaging

How often do you jumble through your purse looking for that one small thing you need? For me it's almost always my keys, phone, lip gloss, lotion; so basically everything. I can never find anything, no matter how small my bag is. I recently thought I'd misplaced my iPhone, while carrying around a clutch! My trinkets somehow always get lost in the little crevices.

I recently tried a new lip gloss that solves my Mary Poppins-bag lady issues. YoYo Lip Gloss come with a retractable clip, so you'll never lose it. You can clip the tube onto anything (your bag, your pocket-subtle, your belt-in a non-dorky way, your keys, etc.) and you'll never have to scour the contents of your bag/flip it inside out in the name of beauty. Best of all, you don't even need to unclip the gloss to shine up your pout. The innovative clip has a retractable cord so while it's affixed to your area of choice, you can easily pull it up to your lips, apply the yumminess and then watch as the end of the tube (attached to the cord) recoils back like a…YOYO!  Genius analogy I know.

The glittery gloss also leaves your smoochers feeling tingly cool. The shades all have a fun sparkle and flavor to them, leaving your lips looking luscious and smelling delicious. I'm wearing one of their redish hues and enjoying the hint of Green Apple on my lips. Who needs breakfast!? Joking!

The mouthwatering flavors include: Bodacious Blueberry, Crazy Cotton Candy, Power Packing Pineapple, Big Bounce Bubblegum, Cha-Cha Chocolate, Super Strawberry Cheesecake, Kissable Kiwi and Girly Green Apple.


And, Cosmetics Executive Women, a non-profit organization of cosmetics executives (my product gurus) nominated the gloss as one of their favorites of the year in their annual beauty awards.

* Disclosure Policy-products  provided for sampling purposes by third party

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