Jul 1, 2009

About Me

The Beauty Buff began her career in beauty at age four. What started as a love for drawing turned into a passion for making over the faces she was drawing with only the finest markers Crayola had to offer. Each color was seen as a tube, jar, pencil or pot of something that would magically enhance and transform her subject-and it did!

Since then, she has taken her makeovers to another medium - people. The Beauty Buff did theatrical makeup in school and has done applications for events, weddings and fashion shows.

The Beauty Buff is a kid in a candy store whenever she's around lotions, potions, concoctions and more!

She fosters this love by writing about and reviewing products, doling out insider tips, interviewing professionals in the field, and covering celebrity news.

The Beauty Buff has a love for colors, art and all things aesthetically fabulous. Beauty encompasses all of that and that's why she's lucky to have a forum that allows her to celebrate it!